"My specialty is architectural metalwork with an emphasis on forged iron and steel. Fine-forged metalwork offers inspiration and aspired appreciation for those who will view the work. When people see the work it leaves an imprint on their memory  – at that moment and for many years too come. That is part of what makes it all so special."



My iron design studio and blacksmith's forge is located In the foothills of Litchfield County, nestled on the west bank of the Housatonic River along Rte 7 (Kent Road), New Milford Connecticut.


Here is where my art is forged and shaped into sculptural pieces, custom furniture, wall hangings, desktop sculptures. My traditional (and some not-so-traditional) ironworks are in many private and public  collections, as well as on numerous properties throughout the United States and England.


I offer a unique design service from concept to completed project. To work on your design – a consultation is first scheduled. We start with your project drawing and site review. I will visit the site if within reasonable distance. If outside of my range a fee may be charged for time and travel. Shop consultations are free for the first hour.


The studio itself includes the actual forge/work area on the ground floor and a design-drafting space on the upper level.


Commissions are accepted by appointment only. Your questions and inquiries are always welcomed.

THE ART(ist)

My talents range from forging iron and steel into furniture or architectural pieces to shaping copper. My specialties include high precision detail, torch forming, forge welding, traditional joinery, plus a unique sense of design. Individually or commingled – depending on the project – these elements are each "put to the fire" to create one-of-a-kind pieces for my clients.


The timelessness of fine iron ore work is often measured by the impression it leaves on our thoughts, memories and conversations. It is what transforms forge work into the realm of art. With wrought iron – that feature is enhanced by the very fact that it can weather the elements, beckons to be touched, and will be shared for generation after generation.


The proof of it all is that people will remember a photograph of a studio piece for a lifetime. How much more vivid that memory becomes when they have actually seen and touched in person.




308 Kent Road, Rte 7

New Milford, Connecticut

Litchfield County USA

(203) 893-1984