My fire screens are custom made to fit your fireplace. First, a heavy duty outer frame is made to fit the profile of the fire place. Then doors are crafted to fit the frame, eliminating any gaps to make it spark proof. The doors are fitted with a simple latch to keep young children safe away from the fire. The advantages over free standing screens are many; for instance not having to move a heavy hot screen, no more burns from ash on your carpet and it’s just a door to open that pets or a toddler can not push over.

My screens protect your home and give you a stunning center piece for any room.


Depending on the condition and the shape of the masonry that surrounds the fireplace this will determine how the frame will be installed.


For example, on flat surfaces the frame can sit outside the opening; on uneven surfaces it is better to install on the inside and fill the gap with mortar. If you allow the thickness of the mortar joints between the outside of the frame and the stonework, it will blend in nicely.



To make a pattern for the frame I start with a piece of 1/4’’ plywood, that’s cut 2’’ smaller than the width and 1’’smaller then the height. I then cut 2’’strips and screw them to the sides and the top using a level as a guide. This gives me a pattern I can work from.


  • Do you have a theme that you are interested in?
  • What is the style of the house? What do you like?
  • Do you have anything in the room that should be part of the design like a wall-paper motif, iron hardware, etc?


Simple screens all have handles and hinges. Sometimes I can incorporate the design into these parts, making form and function work well together. On more elaborate screens I can incorporate side panels or put molding around the frame; different texture from hand hammered, to a clean and smooth finish and all kind in between. A mixture of iron and copper sometimes go well together; a brass or copper rivet creates a contrast with the black mesh.


In the winter you will have a safe and easy to use fire screen and in the summer an attractive center piece that will be harmonious with the rest of your furnishings.




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